In the next few months I am to perform at our Seniors group.  I have been thinking what should I offer and thought of a favorite of my late father “Joe” Little.

Granny’s Heiland Hame            (Traditional)

 Far away in the heilands, there stands a wee hoose

And its stand on the breest o’ the brae

Where we played as laddies there long, long ago

And it seems it was just yesterday

 I can still see old granny, a smile on her face

Just as sweet as the heather dew

When I kissed her good bye, wi’ a tear in her eye,

Said, laddie, may god bless you


Where the heather bells are blooming

Just outside granny’s door

Where as laddies there we played

In days of long ago

Neath the shadow of Ben Bhraggie

And Golspie’s lordly stane

How I wish that I could see

My granny’s heiland hame

 In fancy again as I look o’er at Tain

When we played on the low Embro shore

From Dornoch to Skelbo, and roon by The Mound

Was a ramble we’d take o’er and o’er

And oft times we’d play, near the old quarry brae

Where the laddies and lassies meet

And with old granny’s smile, to cheer all the while

We’d stroll in our wee bare feet

brae: hill
breest: breast
Golspies lordly stane: a monument to Duke Sutherland on top of Ben Bhraggie (Vraggie)
heilands: highlands
hoose: house
wee: small