Frozen Feet

When we think back over time it becomes clear there are many threads which can be pulled together into the rope of life…. One of my long term tasks is to unravel the distant past and present it for those who were not there.

Here is the first of three As I Remember Stories I wrote for Jim Sullivan on his radio programme ‘Sounds Historical’ which sadly ended on Sunday 27th December 2015. This is a Youtube audio file which runs about 3 mins 30 secs.  Click to hear . 

The picture below is me attending a school photograph at the old Patearoa School c 1953.  The School was destroyed by fire.

I’m the little chap in the front row left


Me c1952

Later by some of my pals I was known as ‘Frosty’  a nick name which stuck. Click the second story below to  have another smile….

Here is the third As I Remember story just to give you a wee smile.  Its more memories from our time at Athol.